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Central Auckland - Endocrine & General Surgery services


17 Gilgit Rd, Epsom

  • This is a modern specialist consulting facility just behind Mercy Hospital, in the Auckland Colorectal Centre building. 

  • Entry is via the Auckland Colorectal Centre reception.

Ph: (09) 623 7410

Fax: (09) 623 7411


Central Auckland - Breast services

Mercy Breast clinic

  • For dedicated breast services in a central location

  • Entry is via the main steps, which face the streetfront at 15 Gilgit road (Not via the carpark entrance)

Ph: (09) 623 0347

Fax: (09) 630 9372


East / South Auckland - all consultations


Ormiston Surgeons Clinic

Ormiston Hosptial,

125 Ormiston Rd, Botany Junction

  • Entry is via the main entrance of Ormiston Hospital - Ground floor

    • After you enter through the front doors of the hospital, turn into the door to your right. This door is directly opposite the cafe. 

    • Note that signage for Ormiston Surgeons is currently poor.  Instead, look for bold green signage of the other services sharing our location (TRG Radiology and Auckland Heart Group). 

Ph: (09) 277 8249

Fax: (09) 277 8248



Email (for all locations):



Appointments are usually on Mondays or Thursdays . URGENT APPOINTMENTS are generally available, particularly if you have flexibility with regards to consultation location.