I am available to be contacted by GPs and health professionals directly for advice about symptoms, investigations, interpretation of diagnostic tests or urgency of referrals.  You can contact me by email or via my mobile (021 643776).

  • Breast

    • Assessment of common symptoms: pain, lumps, nipple discharge

    • Breast cancer management

    • Risk assessment

    • Breast surgery for breast disease and breast cancer

    • A breast nurse is included as part of the service to support your patient through the difficult breast cancer process, as well as other patient needs

    • Oncoplastic / Reconstructive surgery in conjuction with a plastic surgeon is an available option

    • We can arrange your patient's USS/mammogram (+/- biopsy as necessary) if they are not done prior to your referral

    • Breast disease work up and care is generally most seamless at the Mercy Breast clinic location, but if geography is important to your patient, work up and care can certainly be arrange from the Ormiston site  (with the support of Mercy Radiology at Botany)

  • Endocrine

    • Thyroid lump/goitre assessment and thyroidectomy

    • Parathyroid surgery - including minimally invasive techniques when appropriate

  • General Surgery

    • Laparoscopic surgery

    • Cholecystectomy / Gallbladder surgery (including laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

    • Appendicectomy

    • Hernias

    • Haemorrhoid banding &/or haemorrhoidectomy

    • Lipomas

    • Pilonidal disease


You can refer by email, fax or specialist directories (eg Medtech) to either location.  Don't worry if your patient isn't sure which location they prefer, this detail can easily be clarified with them later, when our receptionist is in contact to book an appointment.  Generally our receptionists will try to initiate contact with your patient after we receive your referral, but many patients wish to call themselves.


URGENT APPOINTMENTS are generally available - on Mondays and/or Wednesdays.


Contact details are:


Email (for all locations):


Central Auckland - Endocrine & General Consulting

17 Gilgit Rd, Epsom

  • Location instructions: This is a specialist consulting facility just behind Mercy Hospital, in the Auckland Colorectal Centre building.  Entry is via the Auckland Colorectal Centre reception.

Ph: (09) 623 7410

Fax: (09) 623 7411

EDI: aklcolor

Mercy Breast clinic

15 Gilgit Rd, Epsom

  • Entry is via the main steps, facing the streetfront at 15 Gilgit Road.

Ph: (09) 623 0347

Fax: (09) 630 9372

EDI: mercybcl

East / South Auckland

Ormiston Surgeons

Ormiston Hospital

  • Location instructions: Entry is via the main entrance of Ormiston Hospital

Ph: (09) 277 8249

Fax: (09) 277 8248

EDI: aklcolor